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EDGE Team Training

Transform Your Workouts With Expert Guidance

Elevate your workout with expert-guided circuit sessions, featuring timed intervals and led by a certified personal trainer.

Tailored for individuals of all fitness levels, these specialized programs cater to both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Discover the perfect training regimen that suits your needs and takes your fitness journey to new heights.

EDGE Team Training

Choose From a Variety of EDGE Training Classes

Note: A fee is required to participate in EDGE Team Training.


This is an ideal circuit for beginners and those looking to refresh and work on their movement patterns.

In this class we cover all the basic movement patterns that we feel are the essential building blocks for our program.

We keep the programming the same for 2 consecutive weeks so clients can build confidence, and gain strength, and feel really good!


This is our most advanced Team Training Class.

This is a high energy metabolic workout class. Within each exercise there is 1-2 levels of progression for all clients to be pushed to their goals.

Afterburn changes every week.

Industrial Strength

This class is designed for those looking to build strength and lean muscle.

The emphasis is placed on QUALITY and increasing strength more so than metabolic training.

It is a great class for all fitness levels!

Squat Sesh

This quick 30 minute class will zero in on your lower body, targeting your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. You’ll feel like a warrior as you power through each set of squats and lunges, and your confidence will skyrocket as you feel the sculpting effects take hold.

Get ready to feel the burn and reap the rewards of a killer lower body workout.

Guns Blazin

This 30-minute upper body focused class will sculpt and tone your arms, while also building strength in your chest and back.

Don’t settle for average arms – challenge yourself with a variety of exercises that will leave you feeling stronger and more defined than ever before.

Meet Our EDGE Trainers

Bre Schaffer


Owner / Personal Trainer / EDGE Instructor

Paige - Trainer


Director of Training, Webster / Personal Trainer / EDGE Instructor

Jakeb - Trainer


Personal Trainer / EDGE Instructor

JuJu - Trainer


Personal Trainer / EDGE Instructor

Sara - Trainer


Personal Trainer / EDGE Instructor

Shelli - Trainer


EDGE Instructor

Shelby - Fairport


Personal Trainer / EDGE Instructor

Patrick - Fairport


Personal Trainer / EDGE Instructor

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