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Functional Aging Fitness

Functional Aging Fitness Improve your balance, coordination, strength, and mobility with functional group training targeted for people aged 65 and older. This class will help you reduce falls, improve your bone mineral density, and help you stay active, healthy, and
The Fitness Company

Core 360

This is an intense core-training program. It tightens your tummy and butt, while also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention. It is based on cutting-edge scientific research. Results: tightens and tones core, improves functional strength for mobility and
The Fitness Company

Industrial Strength

Working with heavier load and fewer reps means more strength without the bulk. This program combines old school methods and modern science to achieve better strength and conditioning.
The Fitness Company


You can’t build a great home without a SOLID Foundation. Likewise, before we begin to build advanced layers of fitness, you first need to establish proper movement and a base level of conditioning. With a challenging full-body program, Foundations will
The Fitness Company


Many people strength train with weights, while others do cardio or aerobics– somewhere in between in Afterburn the ultimate fat loss workout. Some of the tools and techniques may seem new to you, but have been around for over 100

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